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    Women’s Therapy

    I provide therapy and support to women beyond the prenatal, pregnant, and postpartum period. As a mental health professional for over 23 years, I have a great deal of experience and training to support my clients who face a variety of challenges.

    Clients can experience so much change in their lives especially during the perinatal period – and there can be lasting impacts from this time of life.  Having a safe, confidential space to process thoughts and feelings about your life can provide you relief and clarity. Together, we find ways to cope with your current stress or life situation.

    I support clients navigate some common challenges that are beyond the perinatal, pregnant, and postpartum time such as: 

    • Coping with stress or burnout
    • Grief and loss
    • Aging parents
    • Death of a loved one
    • Relationship changes/conflict with friends and family
    • Family of origin dynamics
    • Parenting challenges and welcoming another child
    • Growing your family
    • Accepting the family you have
    • Marital conflict
    • Exploring how you were parented impacts your parenting
    • Identity changes/adjustments
    • Work identity changes or loss
    • Boundaries with others and prioritizing your health/wellness
    • Division of labor/Invisible Labor
    • Mental Load
    • Healing from childhood wounds

    I bring warmth and compassion and meet clients where they are in their struggle.  I may use a combination of therapeutic strategies including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Solution Focused, Mind-Body approaches, Mindfulness, Grief and Loss guidance as relevant, and all with a Trauma-informed lens. 

    I look forward to connecting and supporting you during a challenging and even painful time of life.  Hope to hear from you soon!