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    Prenatal Therapy

    Unexpected experiences and feelings can come during your reproductive journey. I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle. This time of life can be extremely isolating and emotionally draining.  It can be met with feelings of uncertainty, low confidence, fear, sadness, guilt, jealousy, emotional activation, and feeling out of control. 

    For example, if you experienced a former loss, your pregnancy may be met with worry and preoccupation with the continued viability of this pregnancy. 

    If you used medical assistance to become pregnant (IVF) and/or experienced infertility prior to this pregnancy, you may also have an added layer of loss and/or vulnerability. 

    You may have experienced a former birth or medical event that was traumatic or not what you expected.

    If you have a younger child, you may worry how you will navigate being a parent of an infant too.  

    You may have a child but are having trouble conceiving again.

    You may be concerned about your changing relationships with your partner, family, friends and work life. 

    You may have worries about birth or becoming a first-time parent.

    You may have sensitivity to your changing body. 

    You may have a medical condition that scares you. 

    You may be using a surrogate and feel worried about the process.

    If this pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, you may wonder about continuing with the pregnancy or what to do.

    You also might have other stressors in life that are contributing to your worry or sad feelings.  Past experiences may also impact how a woman feels during pregnancy. Guilt often shows up in addition since most women expect pregnancy to be a time of happiness and positivity.

    All these factors can contribute to a woman possibly experiencing a perinatal mood condition before or during pregnancy. What you are experiencing is not your fault. You deserve support so you can feel better.  

    During therapy, we unpack the underlying sources of how you are feeling and begin to make sense of your experience. We navigate how to cope, reduce symptoms, and look ahead to postpartum planning, if relevant. Eventually, clients feel relief and increased calm as they progress and plan for life ahead.

    Let’s work together so you feel more calm, confident, connected, and prepared for life before, during and/or after pregnancy.