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    Postpartum Anxiety & Depression Therapy

    The time after pregnancy has come to be known as the “Fourth Trimester”.  This is meant to be a time of rest, recovery and adjustment after birth.  However, this time period can be overwhelming and isolating.  

    You might be feeling sad, anxious, and guilty that this time of life is not what you expected.  You may be confused about who you are, and finding it intensely difficult to navigate daily life.  

    You may have suffered a loss, experienced a traumatic birth, dealt with an unexpected medical situation, and did not experience things as you had hoped.  

    It is estimated that 1 in 5 women experience a mental health complication during pregnancy or postpartum. 

    Perinatal Mental Health Conditions may include the following (adapted from Postpartum Support International):

    • Feeling sad or depressed
    • Feeling more irritable and angry with those around you
    • Difficulty bonding with your baby
    • Feeling anxious or panicky
    • Sleeping or eating problems
    • Having scary/intrusive thoughts you can’t get out of your mind.
    • Feeling like you are “going crazy” or “out of control”
    • Racing thoughts
    • Regrets about becoming a parent
    • Thoughts of hurting yourself or your baby

    With support, you can reduce and recover from these symptoms.  You don’t have to suffer alone.  Hope to connect with you soon!